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Cardio Respiratory Care

The Cardio Respiratory Department is instrumental in assisting with the diagnosis and management of cardiopulmonary disorders. Click here to continue reading about Cardio Respiratory Care….


Woodstock Hospital works with the London Regional Cancer Centre to provide systemic chemotherapy services closer to home for referred patients from Oxford County. Click here to continue reading about the Chemotherapy/Infusion Clinic….

Diabetes Education Program

The Diabetes Education Program provides education and support to individuals newly diagnosed or with established diabetes and to their families. Click here to continue reading about the Diabetes Education Program….


Routine hemodialysis is conducted in the Woodstock Hospital Dialysis Unit, where treatment is initiated and managed by specialized nurses and technicians. Click here to continue reading about the Dialysis Unit….

Emergency Department

Woodstock Hospital offers Emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On average we care for over 46,000 people every year. Click here to continue reading about the Emergency Department….

Laboratory services

Registered Laboratory Technologists perform the monitoring of drug levels, cholesterol testing, urinalysis, nutritional status, cancer identification, among other diagnostic tests. Click here to continue reading about lab services….

Occupational Therapy

The Outpatient Hand Therapy Program at Woodstock Hospital provides specialized services to patients of all ages with hand and upper extremity injuries and disorders. Click here to continue reading about the Outpatient Hand Therapy Program….

Outpatient Nutrition Services

A registered dietitian will assist the client on a variety of nutrition topics from healthy nutrition approaches to mindful eating, while providing specific nutrition advice related to certain medical conditions. Click here to continue reading about Outpatient Nutrition Services….


Physiotherapists assess, treat and prevent many physical problems caused by illness, disease, injury, ageing and long periods of inactivity. Physiotherapists are skilled. Click here to read more about Physiotherapy at Woodstock Hospital….

Speech-Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathology Department provides assessment and treatment for adults with speech, language, stuttering, voice, feeding or swallowing problems. Click here to continue reading about Speech-Language Pathology….

Woodstock Rehabilitation Clinic

The Woodstock Rehabilitation Clinic is a fee for service clinic operated by Woodstock Hospital. The professional services offered include ergonomics, concussion management and sports medicine.  Click here to continue reading about the Woodstock Rehabilitation Clinic.

Maternal Child Services

The Maternal Child Unit welcomes over 900 new babies into the world each year. We provide individualized antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum care within a family-centred framework. Click here to continue reading about Maternal Child Services….

Mental Health

As a schedule 1 psychiatric facility, our Mental Health Department includes essential services that provide observation, care and treatment to all residents of Oxford County. Click here to continue reading about Mental Health Services….

Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy is all about making time fulfilling instead of just filling time. Recreation Therapy is designed to assist individuals in achieving a satisfying leisure lifestyle. Click here to continue reading about Recreation Therapy….

Surgical Services

Woodstock Hospital’s Surgical Services Department is comprised of a highly skilled team of nurses, physicians and support staff who provide progressive surgical techniques with modern equipment. Click here to continue reading about Surgical Services….


X-ray exams are the most common studies performed in Radiology or Diagnostic Imaging. These exams include routine x-rays of bones, joints, chest, abdomen and spines. Click here to continue reading about x-rays….

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI uses magnetism and radio waves to produce highly detailed images of structures within the body. Click here to continue reading about Magnetic Resonance Imaging….

CT Scan

CT stands for “computed tomography”.  CT scans provide highly detailed images of every region of the body and are most commonly used to examine the brain, chest, abdomen/pelvis and back. Click here to continue reading about CT scans….

Ultrasound & Echocardiogram

Ultrasound images are produced by sound waves. A scanning probe is passed over the area of the body that is being examined. Click here to continue reading about ultrasounds at Woodstock Hospital….


Bone Mineral Density

A Bone Mineral Density test or BMD exam (also called a bone densitometry test), can determine if you have osteoporosis or are at risk for this disease before you break or fracture any bones. Click here to continue reading….



Woodstock Hospital offers a wide range of screening and diagnostic examinations for the breast using various types of technology including digital radiography, breast ultrasound, breast biopsies and pre-operative localization of breast lesions. Click here to continue reading about mammography at Woodstock Hospital….

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine studies involve administering low doses of radioactive materials, called radiopharmaceuticals, that are attracted to specific organs, bones or tissues and which can be inhaled, injected or taken orally. Click here to continue reading about nuclear medicine….

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging procedures at Woodstock Hospital are performed by registered Medical Imaging Technologists in Nuclear Medicine, X-ray, MRI, CT, Mammography/OBSP, Bone Mineral Density and Ultrasound. Continue reading ….


Ontario Breast Screening Program

OBSP recommends that women between the ages of 50-74 have a screening mammogram every 1-2 years.  Women ages 30-69 who are confirmed to be a high risk of developing breast cancer can be screened once a year with a Mammogram and breast MRI. Continue reading….

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