Visitor $4.00 per visit
Weekly pass – $10/week
Monthly pass – $30/month
Pick-up and drop-off parking is free for 30 minutes

Parking for visitors is available in the lot adjacent to the hospital. A minimal charge of $4.00 is required for each visit and payment is made when leaving. For your convenience, a change machine is located on the main level near Pharmasave. Please observe the parking signs in and around the hospital to avoid the ticketing or towing of your vehicle.

Along with visitors, our staff, management and physicians pay for parking as well. Parking funds are used for hospital maintenance costs including snow removal and grounds maintenance, along with equipment purchases.

We also offer weekly and monthly parking passes. You can purchase the pass at the cashier’s office which is located to the left of the Information Desk when you enter our main lobby.

Accessible Parking: Accessible parking is available in our paid visitor lots in close proximity to the building entrances and are visibly marked. There is also short-term accessible parking for drop-offs near the main entrance door off of Juliana Drive.

Weekly pass – $10/week
Monthly pass – $30/month

Each pass requires a $10 deposit, which will be refunded upon its return.

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