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Woodstock Hospital has visitor restrictions in place to assist with screening and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Click here for the latest updates to visiting guidelines during COVID-19

Board of Directors

The Woodstock Hospital Board of Trust meets monthly. Members of the Board are all volunteers that either live or work in Woodstock or its immediately surrounding area.

Directors(2021-2022) Ex-officio Directors
Beth Taylor, Chair Perry Lang,President & CEO
Patrice Hilderley, Vice Chair Cindy Smart,Vice President of Patient Care/CNO
Dixie Westcar, Secretary Dr. Malcolm MacLeod,Chief of Staff
Tyna Crockford, Treasurer Dr. Ian Hons, Assistant Chief of Staff
Ezio Andreola Dr. Aaron Bigham,President of Medical Staff
Jeanne Soden Dr. Kristy Green, Vice President of Medical Staff
Jaspreet Sandhu Mayor Jerry Acchione, County Rep
Lisa Symons Connie Lauder, City Rep
Carole Wilson
Ross Mitchell
Patricia Wettlaufer
Adel Fortin
Maureen Ross, Patient and Family Advisor

In addition to attending regular Board Meetings, Members of the Board of Trust may be appointed to one or more of the Standing Committees of the Board, which include;

  1. The Executive Committee
  2. The Finance Committee
  3. The Audit Committee
  4. The Fiscal Advisory Committee
  5. The Joint Conference Committee
  6. The Patient & Family Advisory Committee
  7. Quality Committee

Additional Documents

Board Meetings
Corporate By Laws

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