Woodstock Hospital Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025

Woodstock Hospital is pleased to present its new Strategic Plan for 2020-2025. Strategic plans act as a road map for hospitals by detailing our vision for the future and how we plan to get there.
In developing this strategic plan, emphasis was placed on engaging the community we serve – those who live and work in the Oxford County area, as well as our local partners who provide care or other community services. That is why we called the engagement phase of the strategic planning process, Your Voice, Your Vision: Creating Great Care Together. We wanted to ensure the plan reflected the needs, perspectives and ideas of those served by the hospital. We also created a variety of opportunities for our physicians, staff and volunteers to share their experiences, values and aspirations for Woodstock Hospital in the years to come.
With the feedback we gathered, we discovered common themes that helped shape Woodstock Hospital’s new Mission, Vision and Values statements, along with four strategic pillars – Caring, Empowering, Growing and Connecting.
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