ConnectMyHealth (CMH) is a digital health solution that provides you with an online, single access channel to view your health records from many hospitals in southwestern Ontario, including Woodstock Hospital, Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital, Alexandra Hospital – Ingersoll and more. CMH can be used on desktop and mobile devices from within Canada, and is completely FREE to use.

CMH lets you view your health information in real-time from participating healthcare organizations, and includes:

  • Radiology reports, and where available, their corresponding images
  • Cardiology-related reports, and where available, their corresponding images
  • Laboratory test results
  • Clinical reports, such as discharge summaries from hospital visits
  • Select medication information
  • Allergies documented during hospital visits
  • Pathology and Genetics reports
  • Details of past and upcoming hospital visits, where available

Other key features include:

  • New Results Alerts: Subscribe to be notified by email when you’ve got new results available to view in CMH from select hospitals in Ontario Health West
  • Patient Dashboard: Customize your patient dashboard view by organizing the types of health records (modules) that are most important to you

Visit, or scan the QR code above and sign up today!

  • You can register for a CMH account, if you are 16 years of age or older, have a valid Ontario Health Card, and a unique email address (not shared with anyone else)
  • Once your account request has been successfully processed, please note you will need to download, at no cost, an Authenticator app (i.e. Google Authenticator, Authy, FreeOTP) as part of the account activation process for added security. Alternatively, you may choose to complete your authentication with an SMS text to your mobile phone.

If you would like more information about CMH, click here to be directed to frequently asked questions.
If you are experiencing any problems with accessing CMH, head to or call 1-833-824-0265 for more information and support.

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