Surgical Services

Hours of Operation:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Surgical Services is located on the second level of the hospital.

Woodstock Hospital Surgical Services Department is comprised of a highly skilled team of nurses, physicians and support staff who provide progressive surgical techniques with modern equipment. Woodstock Hospital has five operating rooms and two Endoscopy suites.  Our team provides 24-hr access to both elective and emergency surgeries. We provide General Surgery, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology (cataract), Urology, ENT (ears, nose, throat) and Orthopedic surgeries for adults and pediatrics. Our Pre-Admission Clinic, Telephone Consult Clinic and Anesthetic Consult Clinic provide services for preoperative patient assessment.  Our Surgical Outpatient Clinic performs same-day cataract surgery and endoscopic carpal tunnel procedures.  The Surgical Services team ensures that all patients, whether going home the same day of their surgery or being admitted to hospital after your surgery, have the best possible healthcare experience.

Pre-Admit Clinic

Prior to surgery, most surgical patients are booked for a preoperative nursing assessment in the Pre-Admission Clinic, either by telephone or through video conferencing. Patients may also have their health history reviewed with an Anesthetist. Patients will receive an information booklet from their surgeon and are asked to complete the preoperative questionnaire before their Pre-Admission Clinic appointment. A nurse will also review medications during this appointment. If patients require diagnostic testing and or blood work, this will be arranged by the surgeon.   Click here to learn more about the Pre-Admit Clinic at Woodstock Hospital.

 Day Surgery

Day Surgery is the unit that prepares patients for their surgery / procedure as well as discharges them home, following a same-day surgical or endoscopic procedure.

Operating Rooms

A team of physicians, nurses and support staff provide comprehensive 24-hour surgical care. Woodstock Hospital has five operating rooms and provides both Elective and Emergency surgery. Our dedicated team pride themselves on providing patient focused care.
we provide the following surgical services:

PACU – Post Anesthesia Care Unit / Recovery Room

The PACU is the unit that cares for patients, who have received an anesthetic during surgery, immediately following their surgical procedure.  The nursing team ensures that patients remain comfortable and are closely observed until they are fully awake.

Documents and other Resources

Click here for forms related to Surgical Services and the Pre-Admit Clinic.

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