Surgical Site Infection Rates

A surgical site infection (SSI) is an infection that is acquired during the surgical process. Infections happen because germs are everywhere –on your skin, in the air and on things you touch. SSIs can be minor, or occasionally can increase complications that result in a longer length of stay in the hospital or readmission of patients.

Below is the quarterly Surgical Site Infection rate for surgeries which the Infection Prevention and Control team at Woodstock Hospital tracks.

SSI rate for Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
Quarter 2020 Rate
(# of cases)
2021 Rate
(# of cases)
2022 Rate
(# of cases)
2023 Rate
(# of cases)
Q1 Apr. – June 0.0% 2.17%(1) 0.0% 0%
Q2 July – Sept. 0.0% 1.33%(1) 0.0% 0.57%
Q3 Oct. – Dec. 1.03%(1) 0.71%(1) 0.0% 1.73%
Q4 Jan. – Mar. 0.0% TBD 0.0% 0.56%
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