Privacy and Confidentiality FAQ's

Why do we need this information?

Hospitals need this information to provide you with quality health care and follow-up care in the community. We are also mandated to collect some of this information for the purpose of statistics and billing. Furthermore, this information may assist with research to develop new treatments and technology.

How do we protect this information?

Woodstock Hospital strives to protect your personal and health information by teaching all staff about confidentiality. We require all staff, physicians and volunteers to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of their relationship with the hospital. All staff must also wear photo identification at all times on hospital property, to protect against unauthorized individuals accessing this information.  There are additional security measures applied to all electronic health records, such as passwords.

Who may this information be shared with?

Your health and personal information may be shared with healthcare providers at other hospitals, nursing homes or other healthcare agencies who become part of your healthcare team. It may also be shared with agencies, such as OHIP, the Ministry of Health and other agencies as required by law, such as Public Health Surveillance.

If your health information is used for the purpose of research, the hospital will remove any identifying personal information, for example, names and addresses. Other forms of research, such as clinical trials that may have direct impact on your care, requires your specific permission.

It is important to note; Woodstock Hospital requires your written permission or a court order to disclose health information to any organization or person not directly involved with the provision of patient care.

If you are not able to give your consent to access your health information due to reasons such as competency or unconsciousness, the consent decision falls to the appointed substitute decision maker, such as Power of Attorney, spouse, parent or guardian.

Where is this information stored?

Hospitals are required to keep health records for at least 10 years past the date of the last admission to the hospital. Our Health Record Services Department maintains most of this information, however some services, including Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory, maintain their own specific records.

If you would like to request a copy of your health information, please contact Health Record Services. If you are concerned about incorrect information or would like to request an audit to see who has viewed your hospital record, please contact the Privacy Officer at 519-421-4233 Ext. 2303.

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