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Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand Hygiene is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of microorganisms (germs) and infections. During your visit to the hospital, effective hand hygiene practices play a key role in improving patient and healthcare provider safety. At Woodstock Hospital, we have a comprehensive hand hygiene program in place.

Hand hygiene involves everyone in the hospital, including patients and visitors. We encourage patients play an active role in their care by engaging in hand hygiene practices.

The 4 Moments of Hand Hygiene

  1. Before initial patient / patient environment contact.
  2. Before aseptic procedure.
  3. After body fluid exposure risk.
  4. After patient / patient environment contact.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requires Ontario hospitals to annually report their hand hygiene compliance rates using the following formula:

# of times hand hygiene performed  x 100
# of hand hygiene observations

Below is the quarterly break down of Hand Hygiene Compliance rates at Woodstock Hospital for the fiscal year 2020 , 2021 ,2022 and 2023.

Quarter 2020 Rate 2021 Rate 2022 Rate 2023 Rate
Q1 Apr. – June  97.63% 97.0%  95% TBD
Q2 July – Sept.  98.0% 96.0%  95% TBD
Q3 Oct. – Dec. 98.0% 98.0% 97% TBD
Q4 Jan-Mar 98.0% TBD 96% TBD
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