Central Line Infection

When a patient requires long-term access to medication or fluids through an IV, a central line is put in place. A central line associated blood stream infection (CLI-BSI) occurs when a pathogen enters the blood stream through the central lines.

All hospitals with Critical Care Units are required to report into the Critical Care Information System (CCIS) – a centralized data collection system where hospitals report a variety of information. This information is used to calculate the CLI rate data that must be publicly reported.

Patients can reduce the chance of infection by following instructions given to them by their healthcare team. Appropriate hand hygiene practice is another way to prevent the spread of infection.

Below is the quarterly break down of Central Line Infection cases at Woodstock Hospital in the 2020 , 2021 ,2022 and 2023 fiscal year.

Quarter 2020 Rate
(#of cases)
2021 Rate
(#of cases)
2022 Rate
(#of cases)
2023 Rate
(#of cases)
Q1 Apr. – June 0 0 0 0
Q2 July – Sept. 0 0 0 0
Q3 Oct. – Dec. 0 0 0 0
Q4 Jan. – Mar. 0 TBD 0 0
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